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<aside> 🙏🏼 Thanks for coming. I coach founders and investors, and I teach the Enneagram. More broadly, I’m interested in helping high-impact humans learn the competencies most existential to our species and planet. 🌏 Among those are self-awareness, empathy, self-regulation. To that end, I offer this Curated Enneagram Bookshelf.



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<aside> 🙏🏼 The Enneagram is a map of the inner world, and a map is only as useful as it is accurately drawn. There is a lot of fluffy content on the Enneagram that can be confusing, superficial, or misleading. I’d like to start you off right 🙂.

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🧪 Learning Your Type?

Learning your Enneagram type is a whole can of worms. If there was an inexpensive test that I felt confident in, I would recommend it without reservation. Unfortunately, one does not exist yet. Written tests aren’t good. Period. (Even the popular iEQ9 has inaccurate information in the readout, especially regarding the instincts.) Until better tests are developed, the best way to learn your type is by working with an expert and studying the Enneagram in depth. If you do take an online test, please do NOT take a free one and claim to know your type. Take a paid one. (And even then, hold the results lightly.)

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